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How much does it cost?

Charges for web site creation varies with the scale and complexity of the required design. At Jenkin Hill Internet we give a quotation only after discussion of your precise requirements for site content, style and the features you require. We can advise on the range of options and ensure that you get the best possible Internet exposure within your budget.

An effective mobile-friendly website could be built for around £750, whereas a complex site with special graphics and programming could cost substantially more.

All sites are now built using a full content management system to allow site owners to make their own content changes, add new photographs and new pages. Wherever possible all sites are now built with responsive layouts so they can be used on normal screens as well as mobile devices (tablets, pads and phones). Call us to discuss the possibilities.

eCommerce (store) sites can be created from as little as £1,100. Ideal for new startups or small businesses wishing to increase their outlets at reasonable cost.

Site hosting and advanced e-mail services are available from £95 per year. We can register domain names for you at prices from £28.50 for 2 years.

Our design charges include setting up links on this site for promotion to search engines. On-going promotion and site maintenance is available from £150 per year. Full site management is also available for those businesses who do not have the resources, staff or time to look after their site.

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