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There are a variety of reasons why a site may need a makeover or a complete rebuild, including:

  • building a mobile-friendly, responsive version of a website
  • rebranding of the business, logo or corporate colour changes
  • the site is performing badly and invisible to search engines
  • pages are slow loading due to failure to optimise image file sizes, bloated code or poor quality hosting
  • amateur or dated appearance
  • information out of date
  • site accessibility or useability needs improving
  • the requirement to incorporate new features

Update and re-design of an existing site should be considered every couple of years or so in order to keep a fresh looking information source for your customers. Just like fashions change, so do site design standards and facilities, and the browsers used to view them. Today's standards are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  Sites that are not properly coded to recent standards risk incompatibility problems with present and future browsers. Standards compliant browsers such as Chrome or Firefox may not correctly display web pages that were designed using yesterday's (now incompatible) code, in much the same way that old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, do not correctly display many current websites.

Jenkin Hill Internet can provide various levels of makeover from simple code updates to totally new designs. Contact us for advice and to discuss your requirements.

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